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avril 2008

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Fever dreams

     Before I forget, this is the kind of dream you have if you fall asleep at 9pm:

  • At JCrew run into Dani and Barrie, who invite me over to Barrie's house for her birthday party-- I try to get out of it, but end up going. We go to new jersey, and walk down a long suburban road at night. I help set up, and then realized I have to go home-- have trouble getting clear instructions from Barrie's oafish brother-- slightly smarter father bickers with him but gives better instructions. There's an obelisk in the direction I'm headed
  • At the fork in the road that takes me to the train station (LIRR?), I run into Ally and another BR person, who marvel over a large marble column that has fallen across the road. It looks like something from London, or Paris, grecian style, with inscriptions and carved flourishes. I think it fell on 9/11
  • There is a dinner party (earlier in dream?) for Terri that I attend with my mother, who gives a teary speech about the importance of family, referring more to Kevin, Maria and their children (family by default rather than blood)
  • At home, I receive a text message from a woman who introduces herself saying she is my father's nurse-- he is at home, bedridden, and may die very soon-- it seems like she means in matter of days or hours. I am instantly at home, in my parents room, my dad half sleeping on the bed-- I lay across his chest and cry while he says he wants to pat me on the back one more time (like  he did when I was little, to help me fall asleep). I tell him it's not once more. For some reason in the office that was my study, there are specialized packages of cigarettes-- gag gifts, with Adam and Roberta's pictures on them.
  • Later, Dad seems to be feeling better, comes downstairs, though we make him lie on the couch in the front living room; as the dream ends, we are preparing to see Macbeth with Peter. This last section of the dream is both horribly surreal and vivid at the same time.