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avril 2008

Actionné par LiveJournal.com

un peu en retard, but nonetheless...

2006 (aka the year of Suck and Change) in review, via the first line of the first post of each month:

December: It just feels right, sitting here with you. Like no time has passed at all.

November: Books I've read since graduation (a list for my own indulgence):

October: Based on this hilarious post, I would say that the most recent ex is a winning combination of and "I Don't Know Where You Got The Impression That I Really Liked You When All I Did Was Tell You I Really Liked You Guy," and "I'm An Asshole Who Doesn't Deserve Love Except I So Do Because I Really Just Need The Right Woman To Redeem Me But You Are SO Not That Woman Guy."

September: There's this postcard that I have up on the wall of  my basement back home.

August: I am officially a complete victim of schadenfreude.

July: There are people that I miss sometimes.

June: Ahem.  So it's been awhile.

May:  "I think he likes you," she says, "I'm not just saying that. When you talk, he looks at you in a way that he doesn't look at me."

April: Take back the night was inspiring, though ironically it's sort of moved me to stay silent about a lot of things that are mulling around in my head.

March: I really want to have something else to write about in here.

February: So do boys and men announce their intentions.

January: Home again, home again...and such a strange, wonderful, agonizing three days it's been.