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avril 2008

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cute little dead girl

Fulfilling my destiny as a cat-lady/spinster

I was horrendously late to work today, and as I was rushing out of the house, I happened to spy a little grey kitty ambling up the sidewalk.  He looked a lot like this guy:

except without the martini glass.  He looked skinny, but healthy, and when I called to him he came right over, meowed at me and nuzzled my hand.  He then proceeded to follow me  halfway up the block as I continued on my way.  The nice gay boy who witnessed all this warned me about getting fleas, saying he and his cats had gotten them after he spent just a few minutes freeing some stray cats from his building basement. 

I've spent the rest of the day completely paranoid every time I feel the slightest itch.  But I've also had the half-serious thought of trying to capture my little buddy and see if he might like a nice home...with me.  My plan would be trap him (using cat trap, or calling a trap non-profit), taking him to the shelter to get checked out for fleas/worms/fiv/pregnancy (could in fact be little gal, rather than little guy)...and if I got the all clear, I would try to adopt him.  My original idea was to adopt two kittens together sometime in the next month, but I don't know...

I'll just have to see if the little guy shows up again.

It might mark the beginning of my illustrious career as the Cat Lady of Warren Street (that would make an awesome title for an agatha christie type murder mystery, don't you think?)

So yes. I am thinking...crazy cat-lady thoughts.